3 Ways to Rank on Page One of Google

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How to Rank on Google Page One Results

If you read our first post, you know that the struggle to rank on page one of Google is an ongoing balance between organic rankings, paid marketing and an effective digital strategy. You can start working toward that goal today with these three important steps in mind: 

1. Content, Content, Content

Google scans websites to determine your authority. And your content is made up of content and images. 

Alt text and captions for images

While Google Spiders see content, they can't really tell what's an image and what isn't, unless you add content to your images. How? You can add content to your images by giving them captions, alt image text and descriptions. BONUS: Describing your image in as concise and descriptive way as possible helps you meet ADA requirements as well since those who are hard of sight often use text-to-speech to help "see" what's on your site.  


See the difference in style between "STYLE YOUR HEADINGS" and "1. CONTENT...?" They appear different because the section title is stylized as a Heading 3 and the title is stylized as a Heading 2. When Google scans your pages, they recognize these as Headings, which helps define the content some more. 

Know your keywords

Keywords are just that: key. It's important to know what your target audience is searching for online so you can incorporate those exact keywords, or similar keywords in your copy. This helps your page rise the ranks of Google and get you on page one. 

2. URL Structure

Your URL structure is like the umbrella of your page, and your meta text is like the prongs of the umbrella (the wires that hold it up). Which is why it's important to really describe in as few words as possible what your page is about in your URL. For example, instead of ariganconsulting.com/blog-post-1, you can define it to be ariganconsulting.com/rank-on-page-one-google.

3. Backlinks 

In addition to scanning your site to determine your legitimacy, Google also scans related sites to determine your credibility. They do this comparison to determine these few important things: 

  • How you rank among your competitors
  • Whether other sites recommend you through links to add to your credibility
  • See your traffic (backlinks also help bring traffic to your site)

Backlinks are important. Are you being featured on a site? Ensure that they're using the proper URL or even using a URL in the first place. 

If you need help drafting your URLs, finding backlinks or writing content that improves your site traffic, our inbound marketing consultants can help. Contact us to start increasing your conversions today!