Inbound Marketing VS. Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is somewhat synonymous with content marketing. You’re putting out the best content, building a beautiful site with an easy user interface, and guiding customers through your brand story and ultimately, converting their visit into a sale. Outbound marketing is the use of print marketing like flyers and digital marketing like TV ads (essentially everything you’re sending out to bring attention into your site or business). Inbound marketing, is what you’re doing to get people into your site or business and marketing yourself to the best possible ability when you’ve attracted them.

What’s Different About Inbound Marketing

The biggest differentiator between inbound and outbound marketing is in the sales process. This four-phase image from Hubspot represents the process well:



The difference between inbound and outbound marketing is in that “delight” phase as Hubspot calls it. Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing also includes educating your customers and giving them the tools they need to not only love your brand, but to convert them into brand ambassadors so that they market for you as well.

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